August 11 to August 11…


I haven’t had a great amount of time to sit down and think over everything other than some stray thoughts in passing this past week.

August 11 in 2014: the day I was put in the hospital, learning that night I was suffering from heart failure

August 11 in 2015: moving day to a new apartment

I have spent the last few days having to remind myself that, yes, while I’m getting winded carrying a box or two up stairs, it’s nothing like August 10th of 2014. Then it would take me five minutes just to recover from carrying something upstairs, spooking both of us.

In other words, the alternative is worse.

It’s amazing what this year has brought, even though I’m not all the way back yet. The fact that I’m close is a tribute to great doctors, tremendous support and a spectacular wife and family.

Sac State Highlights – Bears win 27-20


It was an odd Saturday night…Sac State outgained UNC nearly 3-1, yet the Bears win behind their defense & special teams. Heck, add in the fact that it was UNC’s first win in 10 tries against the Hornets, and it just was out of the norm all around.

How to Tear a Small Town Apart, OR, “Can Someone be an Adult Here?”


I have held my tongue on the Jim Danley mess at Eaton High over the past few weeks, mostly because it’s a no win for everyone. Especially for someone who doesn’t live in the district.

So, why say something now? Because, I’ve been thinking through the similarities and differences from other blow ups I’ve seen over the years.

Only one comes close in matching the details, though when my old high school moved to replace the football & boys’ basketball coach because of a legal issue, things got even more stupid. After all, making physical threats to a rural mail carrier because of a difference in opinion is beyond over-the-top (It’s also a federal crime). I haven’t heard of much “between party” fighting, though threats to the superintendent & school board members was just something I’ve come to expect.

Speaking of that group: I’m not going to tell you that you were wrong or right in making the decision you did. I am going to tell you, however, that you came off as the biggest (censored) in the entire situation by not contacting Mr. Danley BEFORE listing his job as open online. I’m especially sensitive to that move, which I can’t describe fully without using words that would get this blog flagged.

Why? That’s how I learned I was being removed from a job over a decade ago.

It was a (censored) move then and it’s still a (censored) move.

As for the community, I wish I could tell those around Eaton that it will clean itself up after a few months. I know better. I just have to look at some of the ill will that is still present where I went to school over the decision that school board made close to ten years ago. Some of it has died down, but there’s still a good amount of bitterness, and that’s just sad.

Can someone be an adult here? That rings so true in any situation like this that tears a small community and its schools apart. Too many egos, not enough maturity.

You say tomato…


One of the challenges of doing games is nailing the pronunciations of names. Polynesian ones give most announcers the biggest hitches before attempting to say them. But, one thing that’s the norm: someone is going to question your pronunciation of a name. It never fails.

I get it. After all, I’ve been called Cuh-ver-dale, Clover-dale…Core-n-dale (?).

But what most complainers don’t get is that part of our weekly information packet for UNC & other schools is a list of pronunciations. Whether I’m covering the Bears or indoor football, asking your counterpart to go over names is a key pregame item. Usually opposing SID’s will check in with us ahead of UNC games, too.

If the pronunciation guide gives us a specific that’s agreed upon by other parties, then that’s what we go with.

Yesterday, a woman called the station to complain about the pronouncer I was using for a name. It’s not unusual, but we’re not the people to talk to. That’s why a university athletic department has SID’s. Talk to them. They’re my resource, as designed.

Fake News Sites and Red Meat


There’s so much on Facebook that drives me batty, given the absolute falsehood of what is posted.


Right off the bat this morning, I was greeted with the following quote being highlighted. The report claimed it was uttered by the Pope during his meeting with the President at the White House.

“Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Allah. These are all names employed to describe an entity that is distinctly the same across the world. For centuries, blood has been needlessly shed because of the desire to segregate our faiths.”

Now, how this reporter would know that nugget and the rest of the media wouldn’t is a mystery. Personally, if I was the author, I’d be afraid that I would be struck by lightning for putting such a lie out there about the Pope.


“Now, c’mon Troy, you’re on the writer for this claim, but how can you call it a lie? You don’t know what was said, either.”

Easy. It’s called a Google search.

The first entry that quote brings up is Snopes. Pretty good start.

The following entries are “news” sources similar to the one that reported that this was said at the White House yesterday.

Guess what?

The Pope supposedly said that specific string of words in January, June, July, August and, now, again in September.

Again: those specific words. No changes. Direct quote.

It’s false. Yet, I’ve got friends dotting my timeline with the story from such places as the “Civic Tribune”, “National Report”, “Conservative Byte” and, my favorite, “Rapture Forums”.

“Trust, but verify” is sage advice, yet, apparently, we’ve all gotten to the point that almost no one cares to do it. Then, they turn around and share the damn lies on Facebook and other sites, passing them off as real.

“Well, we can’t count on the MSM to report this stuff.” True.


You don’t think that the MSM would be all over a quote like this if it were true? This fits exactly what the 24/7 news cycle wants: a controversial comment that allows them to enpanel another group for conversation and arguments.

Oh, wait…back to “trust, but verify”. Those who post this crap won’t trust the MSM or make an effort to verify it’s stories, but WILL trust these shady websites and forgo verifying the stories because they want to believe in the B.S. so much.

Step away from the web. Please. For everyone else’s sanity for the spread of actual truth.

(For good measure, here’s my homework)

How to Make Yourself Sound Stupid


“The Pope coming and going is not a ‘news story.'”

Yeah, I actually heard that this morning while “dial flipping”. This person then went on to decry the fact that “it’s being treated as news” that the Dali Llama will speak to a sold-out audience at CU.

“Why not report on every sell out at Red Rocks while you’re at it?!?”

There’s so much derp here to dig into, but what it points up above everything else is that this “personality” has the belief that something buzz worthy isn’t news. He believes that his listeners don’t give a damn about any of it, while he’ll bloviate on topics that border on lies and call that news.

I’ve made no bones over the years that I’m no fan of “reality” TV, but I also recognize how those shows become cultural benchmarks. When you’re in my business, it makes no sense to take a topic that has attention and loudly decry and complain that it’s beneath you to discuss it. You’re pushing away listeners at that point.

Let me put this another way: I think Donald Trump as a presidential candidate is a joke. How dumb would it be for me to not discuss his candidacy when he’s the current leader in the horserace for the GOP nomination?

What gets me the most about this person’s comments this morning (besides showing how out of touch he his) is his total lack of judgement of what is truly newsworthy about the current Pope making his first visit to the U.S. and addressing Congress tomorrow. These are historical items and anyone in this business should have a better handle on that.

My Tongue Hurts


I’m being facetious, but the point is that I’m sitting here trying to muddle my way through the day without going on “blast”.

It’s one of those days where something I’m heavily involved with, but isn’t well supported outside of specific people, has my attention and is putting me on slow boil.

After waking up at five, between being tired and venting frustrations with a co-worker about the situation, I almost wish I could just unload. The fact of the matter is that there are better things I could be doing with my time instead of the amount of effort put into something that a handful of people give a damn about.

…so, I’ll keep biting my tongue today and try to get my attitude right.

Monday Morning Cleanup


While there’s plenty of “small talk” stuff I could get into today, there’s pressing stuff that needs to be addressed on the heels of a bad weekend on many fronts.

Let’s start with the top line, since I’ve already had it mentioned to me this morning: Coach Collins did not make the call to not do a post-game interview. I did not make that call, either. It was made by someone with a higher pay grade than mine.

It did not help matters that the visiting locker room used this weekend by Southern Utah was between 1000 & 1500 feet away from the stadium. This was even though there is a room under the main stadium labelled “Visitors Locker Room”, but that’s not the topic for today. The placement of our team’s locker room adds to the technical issues that could cause a problem with post-game, specifically if Coach Collins wanted to address the team behind closed doors before doing an interview. To do the interview, he would have had to come all the way back to the stadium or call the radio station for us to do an odd relay setup.

With that addressed, I’m also fully aware that the truth of the weekend’s travels will be seen as “making excuses”. So be it. Think what you will, but this trip ranks as one of the most challenging I’ve been a part of for football. Our flight was to leave at 10a Friday, but the charter operator claimed problems with the plane we were to use. When the multiple delays were over, we flew out of Ft. Collins-Loveland at 7pm. Get a team meal and treatment in, and some players didn’t get to bed until after 11, with wake up calls at 7:45.

The team addressed the travel challenge by doing its scheduled Friday items at Butler-Hancock, but there’s something to be said about structure, especially when traveling. Players didn’t get a chance to access the field at Southern Utah until warmups for the game, and, let’s face it, everything was out of sync. It showed during the game.

I’m ready for a “home game” week, for sure. I barely woke up for a couple meals yesterday. Thank goodness Monica is so understanding…