A decade, celebrated

Monica & I were blessed to spend Friday night with my co-workers, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my being hired at NewsTalk 1310 KFKA. The celebration was actually a little delayed in my case, and that’s my own doing… I don’t make a big deal about “hallmarks”, especially my birthdays. It’s like my general … Continue reading

Closing in on a year…

My attention to getting well has severely limited the things I labeled “priorities”, including this blog over the past 11 months. I apologize for not being better about updating things here, though Monica has done a great job on Caring Bridge. So, moving forward, I’ll spend more time on here, especially since I’m finding myself … Continue reading

3 Weeks to Change A Life

That’s not a title for some sales deal online (“This strange secret…”). No, instead it’s a quick summation of what my last three weeks have been. For those who have been questioning my absence from 1310 KFKA, this post is to clarify what has happened and the effects of the past 3 weeks going forward. … Continue reading