A decade, celebrated

Monica & I were blessed to spend Friday night with my co-workers, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my being hired at NewsTalk 1310 KFKA. The celebration was actually a little delayed in my case, and that’s my own doing… I don’t make a big deal about “hallmarks”, especially my birthdays. It’s like my general … Continue reading

3 Weeks to Change A Life

That’s not a title for some sales deal online (“This strange secret…”). No, instead it’s a quick summation of what my last three weeks have been. For those who have been questioning my absence from 1310 KFKA, this post is to clarify what has happened and the effects of the past 3 weeks going forward. … Continue reading

Misplaced Outrage, aka Goodell’s Bane

While taking in the rantings of multiple sports hosts regarding the Ray Rice suspension yesterday, I found myself wanting to rant back. Yes, there is something regarding this entire mess that is being forgotten and nobody seems to “get it”.  I agree that the suspension seems weak, especially in comparison to the drug suspensions the NFL … Continue reading

UNC to Install Video Displays at Athletic Venues – Northern Colorado

UNC to Install Video Displays at Athletic Venues – Northern Colorado. Greeley — The University of Northern Colorado Department of Athletics will improve the gameday experience for fans with upgrades that include the latest technology from the leading manufacturer of large video displays. The projects at Nottingham Field and Butler-Hancock Athletic Center are scheduled to … Continue reading

My View of the Rockies’ Mess

The Denver Post & other media outlets are all over themselves regarding Dick Monfort, the Rockies’ woes and the talk over trading Troy Tulowitzki and/or Carlos Gonzales. The fans, meanwhile, are all over themselves to rip on Dick for being cheap and/or not caring to win. So, let’s get after some truths and things that … Continue reading

Some people just can’t be pleased…

I’m going to start by noting that those of you who follow me on Facebook saw a number of photos from the Martina McBride concert Friday night at the Greeley Independence Stampede. Monica & I had a great time, which was the second time I’ve seen Martina live (first time was when she opened for … Continue reading

Corporations are people? Yes, says WHO?

The reason I capitalized that final word is because what follows will completely shut down any claims that the Supreme Court is out of line for ruling that corporations are people. “In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, unless the context indicates otherwise […] the words “person” and “whoever” include corporations, companies, associations, … Continue reading

Humor for the Day: @SCOTUSBlog Timeline

Why? Because of the stupidity being sent to the blog’s Twitter address today, on the heels of the Hobby Lobby decision. To clarify, @SCOTUSBlog is the account for the blog of the same name that does a stellar job covering SCOTUS decisions, even without a media pass (which is another discussion topic for another time). … Continue reading

Chomp like Luis Suarez as you play the ‘Biteman’ game

For complete World Cup 2014 coverage visit Yahoo Sports and follow @YahooSoccer Sure, we’re all ready to condemn Luis Suarez, but has anybody ever tried to walk in his shoes? Or, uh, bite with his teeth? Now you can! Some genius has gone and created "Biteman," a knockoff of Pac-Man, featuring Suarez as the biter, … Continue reading